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Wall insulation is the second most effective form of insulation you can use to reduce transfer of heat. In winter and summer 24% of your home or businesses heat is lost and gained through the walls.

Wall insulation works in the exactly the same way as ceiling insulation by providing a barrier that prevents heat transfer.

Wall insulation comes in a range of different performance ratings (R-Values). Wall insulation R-Values range from R1.5 through to R2.7 HD (High Density)(used for thermal & acoustic applications).

Now more commonly acoustic wall insulation is used on internal and external walls of homes and businesses to reduce noise levels within. Now day’s most new homes have theatre and playrooms incorporated into their designs. Including acoustic wall insulation into these internal walls can greatly reduce the noise between rooms! Solar, Energy, Environment also recommends incorporating acoustic insulation in walls adjoining to bathrooms, ensuites and laundries to reduce noise in bedrooms adjoining these rooms.

Solar, Energy, Environment can provide you with a free assessment of your house or business plans to discuss the options available.

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